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at apple storethis photo represents a lot of firsts:

the first computer I bought for myself.

my first laptop.

my first mac.

it was exciting day and I gotta say

i love my macbook pro!

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Idaho Falls Temple

Here is another HDR photo, this time without so much of the “HDR look.” The subject is the LDS temple in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The post-processing was done in Photomatix Pro and Photoshop CS5. Instead of using the tone-mapping option in Photomatix, I used the exposure fusion option. 
Idaho Falls temple, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Idaho Falls temple, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Practicing HDR tips from RC Concepcion.

I recently got the book “The HDR Book” by R.C. Concepcion.  Great book. Easy to read with solid tips on how to set up your HDR photos and how to process them. I did find the post-processing tips leaving something to be desired, but in all it was a solid book.

Here’s the results of my experimentation with the book.

Guthrie Studio Artists

DSC_5691_2_3_4_5_6_8_tonemapped_tonemapped v1